Ten Steps To Organizing Any Room

  1. Dedicate time – put on your calendar and make a priority to your schedule.

  2. Gather Supplies – sorting boxes (green tubs for sell, cardboard boxes for charity), markers, trash bags (white charity, black garbage), etc.

  3. Establish a staging area – area to put grouped items out of the main walking area, keep safe.

  4. Sort – go through each item only handling once and continue working area until finished.

  5. Purge – garbage, charity, and family

  6. Group like items together – so you can see how much you have to work with and make a plan.

  7. Examine your space – help create a plan on where and how you will store it.

  8. Shop – organizing supplies to hold what you keep.

  9. Install products and put items into storage containers

  10. Maintain

Very Important to work in this order only and keep focused on same area until finished!

This comes from the book “Eliminate Chaos – The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life” by Laura Leist


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