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Awarded the NASMM
Circle of Service

circle of service

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Relocating is a challenge for most people. For seniors, there can be additional stressors such as health concerns, memory loss, the lack of immediate access to family and the accumulation of decades of “stuff.” The number of decisions required during the move process can be overwhelming and frustrating for many senior adults.

At Fresh Start Transitions, we understand the emotional and physical strain of moving. We do our best to minimize stress by taking care of both big and little details, assisting with decision making and gently guiding our clients through the process one step at a time. We provide both physical labor and emotional support.

For many of our clients, their favorite Fresh Start Transitions service is the final set-up…once the moving truck has unloaded, our team will unpack everything, arrange furniture, hang pictures, set-up electronics and remove all the boxes. Our clients walk in to their new place and immediately feel right at home!

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Prepare Move To...
New Home
Assisted Living
Plan Furniture Placement
Measure Furniture
Measure New Space
Take Photos
Locate Cable, Phone, and Electric
Computerized Floorplans

Provide Professional Referrals as Needed...
Sellers Resources
Cleaning Services
Donation Resources
Handy Men

Assist with Transfer of Utilities

New Home Announcements

Sort and Label
What to Keep
What to Sell
What to Donate
What to Throw

Provide Supplies

Moving Day
Oversee Movers
Care for Clients

Clear Out Home
Sale of Items
Ship to Family
Arrange Charity
Cleaning Service

Resettle in New Home
Arrangement Belongings
Hang Pictures
Set-up Kitchen
Organize Bath
Hang Curtains
Set-up Electronics
Organize Clothing
Make it "Home"

Shop for any items needed

For Senior Movers
The Mecklenburg Times

AARP Article
Consultants Assist
with Moving

What is a CRTS

What is a
Senior Relocation

CRTS - Certified Relocation
Transition Specialist


Awarded the NASMM
Circle of Service

circle of service

NASMM - National Association
of Senior Move Managers



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