Estate Sale

What on EARTH will I do with ALL MY STUFF?
Rightsizing, Home Staging, Moving

Are you preparing to move to a senior-friendly residence? Feeling overwhelmed by all your stuff? Let Fresh Start Transitions help you with a bundle of fresh ideas to get you started! From sorting to selling, from home staging for sale to setting up your new abode, Fresh Start Transitions will give you the information you need to get motivated and tackle it yourself, and details on who to call when it's all too much to handle. Join us for a lighthearted approach to managing your stuff!

Adele Mahan, CRTS, ASP, CAPS
accredited through the following;

CRTS - Certified Relocation Transition Specialist

ASP - Accredited Staging Professional

CAPS - Certified Age In Place Specialist

and in association with;

NASMM - National Association
of Senior Move Managers

International Association
of Home Staging Professional

NAPO - National Association
of Professional Organizers